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Public are becoming more conscious about dental care & treatment. Few years back extraction & filling was the routine clinical work dentists had in developing countries. Now people are seeking all specialty works and cosmetics dentistry applications. Addition of new instruments & gadgets in dental practice makes the practice more challenging for dentists as they have to get trained & familiarized with the new ones.

Within the short span since inception MIDAC is leading this changes in the dental fraternity in this part. The public response has been really encouraging & inspired us to start new facilities other towns.

Dental practices should be equipped & prepared to meet new  demands of the changing scenario of advances in the dental care. Our attempts to bench mark the basics of an ideal dental care service facility brought positive changes in the sector.

Patient compliance & sustainability should be the prime consideration over short term gains.As I always say there is no short cuts for succeeding in health care sector success.It has to be built on solid foundation of medical ethics,quality  & commitment supported by team work & willingness to invest on best available technology .We always try to acquire the best in equipment’s & gadgets of international standards.