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Bleeding Gums

Bledding gum

Have you experienced this?  Some times while brushing, or even while eating, we may note some blood spots or experience the taste of blood. Bleeding gums is one of the first signs of gum disease that is gingivitis.

The main cause for gingivitis is dental plaque, which is a soft deposit that consist of numerous bacteria. Theses bacteria and their byproducts cause inflammation of the gums, resulting in bleeding

 What to do for bleeding gums ?

You should realize that it is time to visit your dentists. An in-office teeth cleaning (Scaling) is the treatment required. The dentist will also advise you on using a therapeutic mouth rinse, and will educate you on proper tooth brushing technique and dental flossing.

Other reason?

Some times bleeding gums may be a sign of an underlying systematic condition. For eg: Bleeding disorders like Hemophilia , thrombocytopenia and other conditions such as leukemia may exhibit bleeding from the gums. A dentist is one of the first to identify this, and refer you to a concerned physician.

Remeber ; “ Your oral cavity is the mirror of your body’s health “